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PDK ENGINEERING PC is based in Ploutarchou 18 & Karneadou str. in Athens, Greece.

PDK ENGINEERING PC has a distinctly customer-oriented approach, offering services of the highest standards and professional integrity.

The services of PDK ENGINEERING PC are presented below:

1. Conducts technical, economic, commercial, marketing, organization studies and in general, techno-economic studies.

2. Advises companies within or outside the country, in general Industrial, Commercial and Technical Businesses, Companies of manufacturing or trading of defence material, cars, machinery and vehicles of any type, main battle tanks, airplanes, helicopters, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as manufacturing spare parts and accessories for the abovementioned objects.

3. Provides:
All types of advice and services on technical, economic, accounting, commercial, marketing issues or issues relevant to promotion of products, market research and offsets management towards natural or legal persons within or outside the country.
Translation and interpreting services (from and into the Hellenic language) of any kind.
Services for the promotion of any kind of products and the implementation of any kind of technical applications within or outside the country.

4. Undertakes:

  • The necessary tasks for businesses’ organization and administration.
  • Technical support and monitoring of the implementation of technical and defence programs.
  • Studies and any kind of constructions, any type of building, mechanical, electrical works and technical projects, of the private or the public sector.
  • The development and reconstruction of properties.
  • The rental of private properties, the management of real estate, privately owned or not and generally conducts any business activity on real estate.
  • The exchange, the purchase and sale of land, real estate, apartments and stores.
  • Any other relevant activity.
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PDK engineering PC.
Ploutarchou 18 & Karneadou str, Athens-Greece, 10676,
t. +30 210 7215039, +30 210 7211818,
f. +30 210 7237791

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